Bridge the Gap, Homelessness Prevention for residents of Petaluma 60 and older


More than three-quarters of California’s low-income seniors are financially burdened by rent, according to a new fact sheet from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Low-income seniors who rent — numbering more than half a million — can be forced to move far from their established social and medical networks to find rentals they can afford; they may end up in substandard housing; or — at worst — homeless, according to authors of the study.

Bridge the Gap provides monthly payments to residents of Petaluma who are renting and are 60 years or older. Bridge the Gap requires an application to be completed; see below for the application, or contact the agency at 707-765-8488 or

Cover Sheet Bridge the GAP Funding 2019

PPSC Bridge the Gap Application 2019

PPSC Bridge the Gap Budget Form 2019