During this time of uncertainty PPSC is looking for volunteers to make daily phone calls to Sonoma County Senior or our friends with comprised immune systems.

To learn more about the program, email us at NotAlone@petalumapeople.org, we will send you a volunteer application, information about how the program will be managed.

Not Alone Volunteer Final 2020

We are launching this program today March 13, 2020, and there may be changes to it as we go along, and it is important that you share information with us as a volunteer.  Here is an outline of what will be expected of you as a volunteer:

  • You must complete the application, in order to be assigned a volunteer (email us at notalone@petalumapeople.org) to receive the application.
  • You will also be asked to review information on: Question, Persuade and Refer which will help you look for signs of depression that may lead to signs of suicide; however, we will not ask you to serve as a counselor, we will give you a PPSC employees to contact immediately as part of the QPR process.
  • You will be asked to call your senior daily; it will be important to work with your senior on a good time for the call.
  • PPSC will send you the most current information we have on the Coronavirus daily that you can share, we need you to use the information we provide and not information that you may read about on social media, we will also send you things that you might want to have conversations about.
  • We will ask you to send in your volunteer hours weekly (time on the call, and any questions or issues you may have).
  • You will be provided a county-wide list of information to share with your senior, and a contact at PPSC you can reach out to if you need help in solving questions that your “senior” may have.
  • You will not be asked to visit your senior at their home, and will not be asked to “run errands”, but you can refer the senior to other PPSC programs to get the senior the help they need. If you are interested in providing these errands, this will be through our iRIDE program, which will require a more extensive volunteer application. When you email us about the YOU ARE NOT ALONE volunteer opportunity you can also let us know that you are interested in providing errand support, however it may not be your specific “call client” that you will be working with.

As always, we could not provide the programs that we do without the help of volunteers. Consider volunteering for our programs in one of our 60 programs, which include Home Delivered Meals , iRIDE, Mentor Me, Petaluma Bounty Farms and all other programs listed on this website.