SCYEC provides youth and young adults with meaningful, paid work experience, environmental education, and the opportunity to explore careers and develop work-readiness skills. Youth contribute to their community while completing environmental and conservation-related projects or by working with local non-profit organizations.

The SCYEC focuses its efforts in four areas:

Youth Employment/Youth Development: The SCYEC provides meaningful jobs and developmental experiences for 200-250 youth and young adults each year.

  • Over 1200 youth since 2009
  • Employed primarily on ecological/conservation crews in the summer months
  • Some individual placements in local non-profits (approximately 17%)
  • Youth, 14-24
    • Special target populations include youth who are;
      • 16 – 21 years old,
      • economically disadvantaged or receiving public assistance,
      • current or former Foster Youth,
      • on Juvenile Probation,
      • pregnant and parenting teens,
      • or youth who have participated in a Water Agency sponsored Community Service Day.

The SCYEC builds work-readiness skills, supports career development and fosters environmental awareness in the youth it serves.

Environmental Stewardship: SCYEC crews complete necessary environmental and conservation related projects and learn about environmental issues.

Community Benefits: SCYEC projects help prevent flooding, maintain and provide access to our parks, sustain community gardens, address safety issues on public trails and help local non-profits better our community.

Strategic Partnerships: The SCYEC represents efficient and effective government, leverages resources, and engages public and private partners across the county to sustain and grow its work.

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