Senior Café

senior cafeIMPORTANT UPDATE: Monday 3/16/2020 PPSC will provide a Meal Pick Up system to seniors who come to our Senior Cafe. We will continue to provide the same great meal, and are offering any senior or those with a comprised immune system can sign up to get a daily call from a volunteer, contact PPSC at 707-765-8488 or

For more information this link will provide more information:  PPSC Senior Cafe Meal Pick Up 2020

Flyer in Spanish: Senior Cafe 2020 (Spanish Version)

Link to full menu: July To Go Meals Calendar 2020

Link to full menu in Spanish: July To Go Meals Calendar Spanish 2020


July 1 Baked Fish, July 2 All Beef Hot Dog, July 3 Closed for Independence Day, July 6 Lasagna, July 7 Chicken Enchiladas, July 8 Creole Pork, July 9 Tuna with Lemon Caper Sauce, July 10 Teriyaki Beef, July 13 BBQ Chicken, July 14 Meatloaf, July 15 Mac and Cheese, July 16 Hungarian Goulash, July 17 Baked Beans with Turkey, July 20 Pulled Pork Sandwich, July 21 Tuna Salad, July 22 Tamale Pie, July 23 Roasted Turkey, July 24 Baked Penne, July 27 Chili Colorado, July 28 Caesar salad, July 29 Cheese Burger, July 30 Chicken Curry, July 31 Fish Filet

Meals can be picked up Monday – Friday at the Senior Cafe, until we are safe to gather. Please see the attachment above for more information in English or Spanish about our Meal Pick up program.

Mondays – HEALTH

Tuesdays – MIND

Wednesdays – SPIRIT

Thursdays – COMMUNITY

Fridays -HEALTH


What Petaluma Café Diners say….

“I am single, I have food at home, but I like to talk to people, not sit at home. My daughter works and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with me.”
“I’d be very lonely at home I enjoy the company.”
“I come for the friendly atmosphere and it’s a great way to make friends.”
“I started coming in 1990 and I’ve been coming ever since. It was something for me to do, meals are cheap and there are different people to talk to.”
Lee M.
“The food is great and we love the people!”
Leroy & Dee
“I Like the food, I like the company, and the price is right.”