The following series of City Council meetings are designed to provide information on actions and opportunities specific to housing development, from the review process to funding.

Links to the reports can be found at:

 FEBRUARY 23, 2016

Funding Resources for Housing: Revenues that can be redirected and/or adjusted for housing projects

Process Improvement Action Plan: Process improvements specific to the development review process

APRIL 19, 2016

Alternative Housing Programs: Alternatives to expand housing units, from affordable to market rate

Assessment of Santa Rosa by Brokers, Builders, Employers: Result of outreach seeking input that could spur development

MAY 17, 2016

Housing Incentives and Production: Possible incentives for housing development

JULY 12, 2016

Economic Development Initiatives: Actions to build upon and/or enhance existing strategies related to housing

The attached flyers can be distributed they are in both English and Spanish. SR Housing Services, SR Housing Services pg 2, SR Housing Services Spanish, SR Housing Services pg 2 Spanish