Think of your fellow man, lend him a helping hand…..put a little love in your heart

PPSC donate today or volunteer to help with one of our many programs.

Everything we are, everything we do, is connected and for the past 42 years, Petaluma People Services Center has been making the connections. No one chooses to age. No one chooses to lose their job or their home. No one chooses to struggle with health or family issues. If we become frail and want to stay in our home, or need employment help or counseling, or access to healthy food, we know that the services that PPSC provides in Petaluma and throughout Sonoma County will be here for them.

Because I believe you are someone who wants to help, I am asking you today to help PPSC to cast a wider safety net. Their faces are familiar. They are our mothers and fathers, grandparents and maybe even us. In years past, their lives were full, and their dreams and aspirations unlimited.  We count on the support of the community to continue all our programs. Our core services include Senior Services, Counseling and Prevention, Homelessness Prevention and Housing, Employment & Training and Petaluma Bounty Farms.[2]