IsoCare was started by an amazing group of volunteers to help our community fight the Covid-19 virus. Our mission is to decrease the spread of Covid-19 by supporting people who have the virus (or are awaiting test results) and have been asked to self-isolate at home. We offer telephone education, problem solving and support to help clients and families adhere to this difficult request.

In order to be able to lift Shelter In Place orders and get our economy back on its feet, we need to focus on supporting those most likely to spread the disease to ensure they stay at home. If we can help people who doctors think are likely to have Covid-19 successfully stay out of public places, others can go back to work and access public areas more freely.

Clients are referred to IsoCare by a medical provider when they meet the criteria for home isolation as detailed in the Public Health Emergency Isolation Order. Within a day, an IsoCare volunteer calls the client to help them think through how to isolate within their homes to protect their household and have close contacts quarantine at home to protect the community.

Volunteers will not have any physical contact with clients. This is a telecommunication-only effort focused on education and support for home isolation. Volunteers review information from reliable sources like CDC to help affected households effectively isolate. Our goal is to help solve practical problems that our clients face in home isolating while building connection and motivation through close follow-up. We are partnering with Petaluma People Services Center who can provide access to resources like food delivery and errand running.

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