Petaluma People Services Center Board of Directors on September 16, 2014 took action to align with Sonoma County Food System Alliance, Healthy and Sustainable Food Action Plan. The PPSC Board’s Declaration of Support will be used as a guiding vision for a health and sustainable local food system program.

PPSC has been providing nutrition programs to the seniors of our community for over 40 years through our Meals On Wheels Program and our Senior Café, by providing health eating and social equity programs. With the addition of Petaluma Bounty as a program in 2012, PPSC is now aligned to with the long-term process necessary to achieve system-wide change and will continue to work with the Sonoma County Food System Alliance to improve our food system through community engagement and collective action.

“This action reconfirms our Boards understanding that all people in the community should have access to enough affordable, healthful fresh and culturally appropriate food”, Elece Hempel, PPSC Executive Director shared. Hempel shared that the Food Action Plan will help guide us as we do our work in Petaluma and the County.

For more information about the SCFSA visit  Sonoma County Food System Alliance