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Petaluma Elks Lodge and Petaluma People Services Center partner to expand the You Are Not Alone Program

Evan before the pandemic, older adults were particularly at risk for loneliness, Petaluma People Services Center (PPSC) recognized early that with Shelter In Place orders many of our residents would suffer from feeling lonely and being isolated from others, so they launched the You Are Not Alone Program (YANA). The Petaluma Elks Lodge provided an Elks National Foundation grant to help expand the program. The vice president of the Elks David Adams presented Elece Hempel the Executive Director of PPSC with a community service award and the check for two thousand dollars in a short ceremony at the Elks lodge on Thursday. Adams explained, ” the Gratitude Grant is awarded each year to a local service organization in our community. This year the Elks membership wanted to recognize PPSC not just for what they do in the community, but for the quality of what the volunteers and staff provide the community. The Petaluma Elks membership look forward to becoming part of PPSC, as volunteers.”

Older Adults who are feeling lonely or anxious during the pandemic are matched to receive a daily call from a trained volunteer community member. Volunteers call seniors each day with topics to discuss and connections for additional services that PPSC can provide. Elece Hempel, Executive Director of PPSC shared “our program is helping people feel socially connected, supported and engaged in our community which will lead to their improved health and well-being”. “Originally designed for Petaluma residents the program is now county wide and we currently have 3,000 older adults receiving calls from 3,000 volunteers” Hempel said. “Funding provided by the Petaluma Elks is so important to keep the program operating”, David Adams, Vice President of the Elks, shared “we are able to provide the financial support, but are also asking our members to volunteer to become part of this programing”.

For more information about the program please visit PPSC 707-765-8488.

Celebrating 46 years of service, PPSC is dedicated to improving the social and economic health of our community by providing programs that strengthen the dignity and self-sufficiency of the individual.

Institued in July of 1904 Petaluma Elks invest in their communities through programs that help children grow up healthy and drug-free, by undertaking projects that address unmet need, and by honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans. www.Elks901.orgpage2image51591232

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