Kaiser Permanente Community Benefits Program has awarded Petaluma Bounty a $10,000 grant for the Bounty Hunters Bi-lingual Network during the 2014- 2015 season. Began in 2006, Petaluma Bounty Hunters gleaning program’s focus continues to be to increase access to healthy food by harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables in local gardens, homes, and farms that would otherwise go to waste. What is different about this program is that it will turn food insecure – emergency food recipients into engaged participants by removing barriers to access and providing volunteers the opportunity to take home a portion of locally grown, healthy food.

Suzi Grady, Petaluma Bounty Director, is very excited to launch this program. “For years, we have received requests from low-income friends who wanted to trade their volunteer time in exchange for reduced prices on produce grown on the Bounty Community Farm. Unfortunately, this practice is not legal in California at this point. But since all the produce collected through the Bounty Hunters is donated, this is the perfect opportunity for us to share the surplus and shift the dynamic.”

Grady states that this initiative came from community requests and will improve access to healthy food for low- income people seeking more fruits and vegetables. Additionally the (Spanish Language) Bi-Lingual Bounty Hunters Coordinator will provide nutritional information, community resources, healthy recipes, and offer youth opportunities to engage in the process and take on leadership roles.

As a program of Petaluma People Services Center, Petaluma Bounty is working toward a thriving local food system where consumers of all ages make informed decisions; farmers and their workers make a decent living while stewarding the land; and all people — regardless of income — have access to healthy food.

 In 2014, Petaluma Bounty aims to improve access to healthy food for low-income community members and seniors; provide educational opportunities that increase healthy behaviors and lifestyles and food literacy for all community members, especially children, youth and families at risk for diet-related illnesses; and increase community engagement, action, and capacity around food access, food literacy, and food system change.

 To learn more about Petaluma Bounty and its programs, please visit www.petalumabounty.org, or contact Suzi Grady, Program Director at suzi@petalumabounty.org or (707) 364-9118.

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