Petaluma Bounty – Bounty Hunters Gleaning Coordinator 

Petaluma Bounty is a farm-based community food security project whose mission is healthy food for everyone through collaboration, education, and promoting self-sufficiency. Our team is small and facilitates community-based solutions to the shortfalls of our conventional food system. Our vision is to grow a thriving local food system where consumers make informed decisions; farmers make a decent living while prioritizing ecological stewardship of the land; and all people – regardless of income – have access to healthy food.

The Bounty Hunters gleaning program harvests, collects, and redistributes food from the community that would otherwise go to waste. Annually, Bounty Hunters collects, harvests, redistributes and recovers upwards of 100,000 pounds of healthy food.

As Bounty Hunters Gleaning Coordinator, your role will be to manage all aspects of the Bounty Hunters Gleaning Program; represent the program to the community, and work as a team member as part of Petaluma Bounty’s mission to provide healthy food for all while fostering a robust and thriving local food system.  

Bounty Hunters Gleaning Coordinator Job Description

To apply, please email your resume & cover letter to