May is Mental Health Month and PPSC is once again taking the pledge to end the stigma associated with mental illness.  Join us on May 16 as we encourage young people to “illustrate a healthy relationship”.

Each mind really does matter, and each of us must determine what we will do to make a difference.  Visit Petaluma People Services Center Facebook page and take a personal pledge that “each mind matters”.

  • Landlords and Employers: You can pledge to provide reasonable accommodations for people living with mental health challenges.
  • Medical Care Providers: You can pledge to talk with your patients about their mental health and provide referrals as needed. Physical and mental health are closely related!
  • Parents and Family Members: You can      pledge to listen with care as your loved ones share their challenges      with you. Your support can make all the difference.
  • Young People: You can pledge to stand up for      people who are being treated differently because of their mental      health conditions. You can be a friend to a person who      feels completely alone.
  • Everyone: You can pledge to watch your      language. Words like “crazy,” and casual uses of “bipolar” or   “schizo” are profoundly hurtful to someone struggling with      mental health challenges.