SAFE Team Director

Petaluma People Services Center’s Specialized Assistance For Everyone (SAFE) Program is a 24-hour, 365 day a year program dealing with a wide range of mental health-related crises, including conflict resolution, welfare checks, substance abuse, suicide threats, and more, relying on trauma-informed de-escalation and harm reduction techniques. The SAFE Program Director reports to the PPSC Agency Executive Director.  

The SAFE Program Director supervises the SAFE Team. Program Director will work with ED to develop and implement SAFE Team policies and procedures, provide initial training to new cohorts of SAFE personnel and quarterly in-field quality assurance training with all SAFE personnel, cultivating and maintaining positive relationships with community partner agencies, research and pursuit of service provision and funding opportunities, and program development in communities with an emerging interest in SAFE services. May include other related activities for SAFE Team and PPSC.  

SAFE Team Director Job Description

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