Homeless Prevention

For Petaluma

The Homeless Prevention Program provides ONE-TIME ONLY grants on behalf of individuals who are at risk of losing their housing because of unpaid rent or because they need help with a deposit. This is not an entitlement program. Applicants may be rejected for not meeting program guidelines and criteria, or if there are no funds available at the time of application to provide assistance. The grant is intended to be used as a last resource by clients; all feasible means of alternative help should be exhausted before applying for assistance.

The grant does not cover an Entire Security Deposit. The grant does not cover Rent for applicants who are on Section 8/HUD.

Rent cannot exceed 65% of applicant’s Total Monthly Gross Household Income. For example, if your rent is $500 a month, then your total gross monthly income for the household needs to be $800 month to meet qualification criteria. See the table for other rent/income requirements.

Rent Income
$500 $800
$600 $950
$700 $1,100
$800 $1,250
$900 $1,650
$1,000 $1,650
$1,110 $1,700
$1,200 $1,900

Program Guidelines

  • Applicant (s) must meet Program Qualification Criteria:
  • Priority is given to Families, Elderly and Disabled Applicants.
  • Must have a Rental Agreement and live in Petaluma.
  • Rent cannot exceed 65% of applicant’s Total Monthly Gross Household Income.
  • Income can be from Wages, Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Social Security, Disability, etc.
  • Must have Verifiable Proof of total household income and account for each member in the household.
  • Must have documentation to verify why you are requesting rental assistance Example: Fell behind in rent due to illness—bring in your doctor’s statement.
  • Item #3

Your Landlord must be willing to accept a check from PPSC.

Be willing to wait to see if application is approved

Application Process

Please first review this information. If you feel you meet the guidelines on this webpage, call 765-8488, ask for Ortencia to make an appointment.

Documentation required for processing the application:

  • Rental Agreement with Landlord’s Name, Address and Phone Number
  • Picture Identification
  • Social Security Cards for every member of the household
  • Proof of income for the household
  • Last two Bank statements
  • Documentation verifying why you are requesting rental assistance

All of the above Documentation is required to complete your application at the time of your appointment. Incomplete applications cannot be processed during the current month. Additional documentation may be deemed necessary in some cases.

Be sure to keep your appointment (or give a minimum of 24 hours cancellation notice) or you will have to wait until the next month to apply for assistance.

After your appointment, wait to hear from PPSC regarding the status of you application. PPSC will contact your Landlord, your Employer etc, and then you. SO PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Asistencia para pagar su alquiler

para los que viven in Petaluma

Las Reglas del Programa

Cliente(s) tiene que cumplir con los requisitos del programa.
Prioridad se le otorgara a familias, personas mayores de edad, y a personas incapacitadas.

Tener un contrato en escrito y vivir en Petaluma.

Renta no tiene que ser mas de 65% de su ingreso mensual
Ingresos pueden ser de Salarios, Asistencia del gobierno, Estampillas de comida, Desempleo, Seguro Social, y Disability.

Traer pruebas de ingreso de todos los miembros en la familia
Traer documentos que prueben el por que necesita asistencia, Ejemplo: Por enfermedad, traiga su receta del Doctor
Arrendador tiene que


· Contrato de Renta con Nombre del Arrendador, Domicilio y Nńmero de Teléfono.
· Identificación con foto
· Tarjeta de Seguro Social por cada miembro de su Familia
· Pruebas de ingresos de todos en la casa
· Dos estados de cuenta de su banco
· Documentos que verifiquen el motivo por la cual esta pidiendo ayuda.