PPSC is excited to announce a new location for our FallProof! Classes.  PPSC has partnered with Synergy Health Club, by St. Joseph Health to provide this to provide this national award-wining FallProof™ Balance and Mobility program on Tuesdays at 1:15AM and 2:30PM. This theory-driven program has proven to be effective in reducing fall risk among older adults identified at moderate-to-high risk for falls. There is a $50.00 assessment fee associated with this program, and a $10.00 fee for each class session.  You do not have to be a member of Synergy Health to participate.  If you are interested in this class you can get more information on our web-page https://petalumapeople.org/seniors/fallproof/ or contact our office and will have one of the instructors contact you.  The website also has the forms your physician will need to compete for enrollment.    Flyers for the program are here: Syn_Fallproof Flier_Jan2017_Spanish  or Syn_Fallproof Flier_Jan2017_V2