With each roll of the ball you will be making a difference in the life of a hungry homebound senior.

With each song you will help a teen make good decisions about the path they are on.

With a crash of the pins you will ensure that a hungry family will be fed fresh and healthy vegetables.

Sing along, you will be helping a family get the counseling they need to live in peace.

Cheer for a strike you will know that you have helped someone suffering with Alzheimer continue to live with a loved one.

A spare gives a teen that has given up on life the opportunity to find a job, continue his education and make peace with his parents.

Stomp your feet to the beat and a family can get assistance in finding a safe and secure place to call home.

Even a gutter ball will help a lonely senior find someone to talk with.

Come bowl with us and add to your list of why YOU want to support PPSC.

  • It is easy – form a team of 5 bowlers.
  • Entry fee is $625.00 minimum per team of five.
  • This is only the minimum; you can collect as much as possible.
  • Come up with a great name.
  • Start asking for sponsors and raising money to help seniors, families, youth and individuals in Petaluma..
  • Show up at 7:30PM at AMF Boulevard Bowl – 1100 Petaluma Blvd. South, Petaluma.
  • Strap on your shoes, enjoy bowling alley pizza & nachos and help take care of your community!

Here is the application to hold the lane: Team Registration Form 2015

Here is the form to use to collect donations for your team: Sponsor Sheet 2015