RockNBowlPosterPPSC Rock N Bowl 2017 “the business of life is the acquisition of memories”

Join PPSC this year and acquire a few memories, as we celebrate 43 years of programing at this year’s 26th Annual Rock N Bowl – Downton Alley. PPSC provides a network of critical social services, which are likely already supporting the health and welfare of our community.  Here is merely a sample of a few ways our community benefits from the existing service network:

  • PPSC provides case management for your employees caring for elder family members who may be in need of Alzheimer’s day care or transportation services as they negotiate living independently here in our community
  • PPSC provides subsidized services for families and individuals in need of mental health counseling including offering Human Resource referral based services for all companies in our community
  • PPSC provides fair housing services which enable tenants and landlords to resolve problems related to rental housing which directly contributes to housing stability for your employees.

In order to effectively maintain these service programs, we are asking you to participate in our 26th Annual  Rock N Bowl event on Friday March 24 at the AMF Boulevard Lanes. This iconic fundraiser is well-loved by many here in our community and would be greatly enhanced by your company’s financial support. Please consider sponsoring a team for your company, or even more fun, have employees raise the money through individual sponsorship and then match what they raise.  Part of the fun this year will be coming up with a team name that fits our theme Downtown Alley, as Lady Violet famously shared “life is a game where the player must appear ridiculous.” Come have some old fashion fun with us.

PPSC RB 2017 Sponsor Sheet

PPSC RB 2017 Team Registration

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