I know you do because you are reading this.

Petaluma People Services Center has a unique opportunity to be granted $10,000 for our Adult Day Program this February, but we need your help.  A new organization, 100 Sonoma People Who Care, will be hosting its inaugural event on Tuesday, February 23, 6 to 8pm, at the Petaluma Women’s Club.  This is how it works:

100 people buy a ticket for $100 each

5 non-profits, including Petaluma People Services Center have been nominated to share information about our program and then we will be asked to speak for 4 minutes (yes, only 4 minutes).

At the end of the 5 presentations each person attending gets a vote and the agency with the most votes is awarded the total $10,000 dollars for their program.

Help us by attending.  The flyer is attached please share with others.  Heck, it is worth attending just to hear Elece say anything in less than 4 minutesMore importantly though, if we are chosen to receive the $10,000, we will be able to provide services to our most vulnerable seniors and their caregivers in Petaluma who are aging in place. 100 People Who Care Sonoma 2016