Families in Action

families in action

Families In Action provides a family intake assessment interview for all youth and their parents, resulting in a case management plan and completion of the Program Entry and Service Plan. At this time an AOD screening tool will be used to determine the severity of the substance abuse and need for referral.

Over a period of six weeks, the program provides six, two and one-half hour educational support groups for both the youth and parents. These six groups are dedicated to the provision and fidelity of the Families In Action curriculum, including: pre-Assessment, presentation of the course material, and post-assessment. Finally, there is a final case management meeting for determination and desire for other family support services. An Exit Interview is then conducted and documented.

This program provides youth with more than just information about the negative social and physical effects of substance abuse; rather it emphasizes teaching a combination of general life and social resistance skills as well as providing opportunities to practice these skills. Kids Project includes modules on parent-child communication, positive behavior management, interpersonal relationships for adolescents, and the factors that promote school success. Sliding Scale, preference to referrals from Petaluma Police Department and School Administration.