Child Abuse Prevention

child abuse prevention

PPSC offers a comprehensive system of care for children 0-5 and their families. Almost every family has experienced a time when their child behaves in ways that seem very different from his/her usual behavior. There are many types of challenging behavior that may seem confusing, inappropriate or even frightening. Some children may act out in violent ways, like biting, kicking, or hitting themselves or others with objects. Understanding why this behavior occurs and addressing it in a positive way can help prevent future occurrences. Our Prevention and Early Intervention program is designed to screen, assess and address challenging behavior in children and their families.

Psychological Assessment: If you are concerned about the cognitive and mental health of a child in your care, Petaluma People Services Center offers a variety of screening and assessment tools to evaluate your child. Services are available in English and Spanish and are tailored to meet the individual needs of the child and family.

Triple P Positive Parenting Program: PPSC is now offering three levels of intervention in both English and Spanish. Level 2 Seminar: Large group format, topics include: The Power of Positive Parenting; Raising Confident Competent Children; Raising Resilient Children. Level 3 Primary: Serves individual parents in four brief sessions to address a specific behavioral challenge such as tantrums, separation anxiety or bedtime problems. Level 4 Standard: an intensive individualized program of 10 or more on-hour sessions for children with multiple challenging behaviors including ADHD, and exposure to violence or trauma.

Perinatal Mood Disorder: Perinatal Mood Disorder (PMD) includes symptoms or periods of low mood, despair, tearfulness, anxiety, irritability, feeling worthless or guilty, difficulty sleeping even when baby is asleep, lack of motivation, appetite disturbance, difficulty concentrating and getting organized. If you feel that yourself or a loved one is experience severe depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after the birth of a child, we offer screening for Perinatal Mood Disorder and treatment. We also can facilitate linkages to services.