Our Team

PPSC Board of Directors

Cati Young, President
Molly Knoderer, Vice President
Scott Alonso, Treasurer
Lori Segraves
Iliana Madrigal-Hooper
Matthew Larrabure
Anthy O’Brien
Suzanne Tucker

PPSC Advisory Board Members

Don O’Brien
Lynn Imm
Thom Knudson
Abbie Walther

PPSC Senior Staff Members

Executive Director,
Elece Hempel

Chief Operating Officer,
Devin Castles

Director of P.E.A.C.E,
Yensi Jacobo

Director of Aging Well Together,
Monte Cimino

Director of Petaluma Bounty,
Suzi Grady

Director of Housing,
Elece Hempel

Director of Youth Services,
Yensi Jacobo