How can I get my deposit back?

A landlord often requires a security deposit.

Normally, the landlord may keep only that part of the deposit reasonably necessary to pay for unpaid rent, to repair damages to the dwelling caused by the tenant and warranted cleaning.

Your landlord may no claim monies for damages or defective conditions that existed before your tenancy.

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Do I have to pay if I don’t give notice of my plans to move far enough in advance of leaving the premises?

Yes, written notice of your plans to leave must always be given in advance.

Oral notice is not legally enough even if you have an oral rental agreement.

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How do I get my landlord to make repairs?

If your dwelling is in need of serious repairs, you may consider using either of the following approaches to pressure your landlord to fix the problem.

RENT WITHOLDING, A court decision has said that in each rental agreement there is an implied warranty of “habitability” (i.e., a landlord must put a building into a condition fit for human occupancy). You […]

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