Due to lack of rain and warm conditions, the State has deemed fire season to start earlier than ever this year. While our fingers are crossed that Sonoma County does not experience a fire this year, Petaluma People Services Center (PPSC) would like to be prepared. We are reaching out to see if you would like to help volunteer in the event there is a disaster.  

This year we are looking for “strike team” volunteers. These volunteers will be the first volunteers we call in the event of a disaster and will staff the shelters for the first 24 hours of an event. To be in this role we ask that you truly are flexible on timing (ie you can be called at 2am to immediately serve as a volunteer) and you attend our PPSC Strike Team Volunteer training at the Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds on July 17th.  

Additionally, we would like to be prepared with a list of medical, animal and bilingual volunteers. Animal volunteers will also get a special training with Sonoma Marin Fairgrounds staff in the near future. 

If you don’t fit in the “strike team” volunteers or medical/animal/bilingual category, and want to volunteer, please still fill out the form. As we know from past events, we need many, many volunteers to support the shelters of Petaluma. (Please fill out the form, even if you have volunteered in past years).

2021 Disaster Volunteer Form

Lets hope that we don’t have to activate our shelters this year, and thank you in advance for helping to make sure we are all prepared for the next disaster.