Senior Café

senior cafeDownload Senior Cafe Menu:  Lunch is served at 211 Novak Education Program 12:00-2:00PM Lunch 1:00pm Monday – Friday PPSC Senior Day Site Lunch 12:00 Noon M-W-F Reservations Required 707-765-8488

The Menu for the Month of July

Link for full calendar: Senior Cafe Sept 2017

9/8 Teriyaki Beef & Rice, 9/11 Ham, Mashed Potatoes with Swiss Chard, 9/12 Oven Fried Chicken, 9/13 Mac & Cheese 9/14 Pot Roast & Red Potatoes, 9/18 Pulled Pork Sandwich, 9/19 Tuna Salad, Pasta Salad & Fresh Fruit Salad, 9/20 Tamale Pie, 9/21 Roasted Turkey, 9/22 Bake Ziti with Italian Sausage, 9/25 Cheese Burger, 9/26 Chicken Cacciatore, 9/27 Caesar Salad, 9/28 Chili Colorado, 9/29 Fish Filets.

Highlights from the Event Schedule for Sept Senior Cafe daily activities

Each Day of the month has a specific topic:

Monday = Health

9/11 Nutrition & Health

9/18 Organizing your Life with Kimberlee Foster

9/25 Healthy Aging with Cheryl Plotner

Tuesday = Mind

9/12  John Trott at the piano

9/19 John Trott at the piano

9/26 Brain Teasers

Wednesday = Spirit

9/13  Al U’Ren at the Piano

9/20 Dancing with Los Gu’achis

9/27 Sing a long with Steve Della Maggiora

Thursday = Community

BINGO – every Thursday!

Friday = Health

Join us every Friday for exercise with Diana and Aldo on the panio

Call PPSC for the full schedule: 765-8488


What Petaluma Café Diners say….

“I am single, I have food at home, but I like to talk to people, not sit at home. My daughter works and doesn’t have a lot of time to spend with me.”
“I’d be very lonely at home I enjoy the company.”
“I come for the friendly atmosphere and it’s a great way to make friends.”
“I started coming in 1990 and I’ve been coming ever since. It was something for me to do, meals are cheap and there are different people to talk to.”
Lee M.
“The food is great and we love the people!”
Leroy & Dee
“I Like the food, I like the company, and the price is right.”