Meals on Wheels

meals on wheels

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  • Hot nutritious meals delivered to homebound seniors
  • Routes in Petaluma, Penngrove and west to Two Rock
  • Need for service determined by Case Manager home visit
  • By donation $3.50 – $8.00 suggested


Provides hot, nutritious meals to homebound seniors, aged 60 yrs. and older, who have no means of preparing meals for themselves.


Meals-on-Wheels, provides a continuous lifeline of nutritious food with real human connection to homebound elders in Petaluma and Penngrove. We help elders live with dignity in the comfort of their own homes and chosen communities. Our staff and volunteers have deep respect for the people we serve.

January Newmaster Menu 2018

1/1 Baked Fish, 1/2 Meatball Stroganoff, 1/3 BBQ Chicken, 1/4 Pork Chow Mein, 1/5 Sheppard’s Pie, 1/6 Chicken Enchilada, 1/7 Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, 1/8 Chicken a la King, 1/9 Lasagna, 1/10 Lemon Baked Chicken, 1/11 Chili Verde, 1/12 Beef Stew, 1/13 BBQ Chicken, 1/14 Pasta with Meat Sauce, 1/15 Spanish Rice, 1/16 Beef Ravioli, 1/17 Ham with Sweet n’ Sour Sauce, 1/18 Meatloaf, 1/19 Salmon Burgers, 1/20 Chicken Enchiladas, 1/21 Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, 1/22 Swiss Steak, 1/23 Stir Fried Chicken, 1/24 Pork Loin, 1/25 Spaghetti and Meat Sauce, 1/26 Hot Turkey Sandwich, 1/27 Salisbury Steak, 1/28 Salisbury Steak, 1/29 Chicken Parmesan, 1/30 Turkey Chili, 1/31 Burgundy Beef

Eligibility and Assessment:

Eligibility criteria is based on many factors such as: at least 60 years of age and unable to shop for food and/or prepare meals for yourself due to a disability, poor eyesight, lack of energy or physical capacity and if you live alone and do not have assistance with meal preparation. Also, if you are under 60 and are disabled and live with a person who is 60 or older who receives meals, you may be eligible. Your eligibility will be determined by a thorough in-home visit by our Case Manager. This home visit is required before placing you on any route. The visit will take no more than 60 minutes and includes questions about your health, eating habits, social support and other pertinent information to determine your eligibility.